Pierre Bergmann

I was trained in Internal Medicine and in Nuclear Medicine from 1972 to 1977 (Department of Pr. P. Lambert, CHU Brugmann, ULB). I defended a PhD thesis in 1979 over the investigation of calcium metabolism in metabolic bone diseases, using radiocalcium. In 1977, I had training on the in vitro study of bone resorption in Pr L.G. Raisz's Laboratory, at the University of Connecticut Health Center. I was then sucessively associate in nuclear medicine, in charge of bone metabolism studies, including bone mass measurement, head of the radioimmunoassay laboratory and then of the nuclear medicine department of the CHU Brugmann, since 2003. I also manage the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine of the CHU Brugmann, where we study some aspects of bone biology. I am author or co-author of more than 90 papers in peer reviewed international journals and a similar number of abstracts at international symposia. I am a member of the:ASBMR since 1979, ECTS and IBMS. I am a member of the board of the Belgian Bone Club (BBC) since 2005. Before that, as Vice-President of the Belgian Society of Clinical Biology, I co-organized with the board of the BBC several meetings on the biological aspects of bone metabolism. I am also a member of the Belgian Society of Nuclear Medicine.