Jean-Jacques Body

Professor Jean-Jacques Body received his training at the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” (ULB, Brussels, Belgium) and at the Mayo Clinic. He is an internist, an endocrinologist and has been a medical oncologist. He is now Consultant at University Hospital Brugmann (ULB), CHIREC and Professor Emeritus since March 2017. He was until then Full Professor of Internal Medicine at ULB and Head of the Department of Medicine at University Hospital Brugmann in Brussels. He was previously Head of the Internal Medicine Clinic at Institute J. Bordet, the Cancer Center of ULB.

He is a regular member of the “Committee of Scientific Advisors” of “International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF)” since 2012. He has been Chairman of the “Clinical Practice Action” Group of “European Calcified Tissue Society” (ECTS) from 2019 until early 2023. He has been President of the “Belgian Bone Club” for many years and he is a member of several professional organisations, including ASBMR, Endocrine Society, ECTS and MASCC. He has recently been nominated Fellow of the ASBMR (it is the first time this distinction has been granted to a Belgian scientist or clinician). He has been the Founder and first President of “Groupe Européen d’Etudes des Métastases Osseuses” (GEMO). He has been Associate Editor of European Journal of Endocrinology and is now a member of the Editorial Board of Osteoporosis International, Calcified Tissue International, Journal of Bone Oncology and Supportive Care in Cancer. He is also a regular Reviewer for several other Journals, including Ann Oncol, Bone, J Bone Miner Res and J Clin Endocrinol Metab. He is the Section Editor (Bone & Calcium) of the Encyclopedia of Endocrine Disease.

His particular research interests include the validation of risk factors for osteoporotic fractures, the development of new prediction models and osteoporosis prevention and therapy. He has also extensively studied various clinical aspects of tumour bone disease and has contributed to the clinical development of most bisphosphonates and of denosumab for the prevention of complications of tumour bone disease and for cancer treatment-induced bone loss.

He has authored or co-authored more than 320 international peer-reviewed papers and he counts more than 200 invited lectures at international meetings.