Course Faculty: BBC Board Members (P. Bergmann, J.J. Body, O. Bruyère, E. Cavalier, E. Gielen, S. Goemaere, J.M. Kaufman, S. Rozenberg).
Optional web-based attestation exam (not included in inscription fee).


15-16 December, 2017

CHU Saint-Pierre
UMC Sint-Pieter

Rue Haute / Hoogstraat 322
1000 Brussels

CME credits for physicians are in process.


Friday, 15 December, 2017
Chairmen: P. Bergmann (ULB), S. Rozenberg (ULB) Chairmen: S. Goemaere (UG), J.J. Body (ULB)
13.00   Welcome – Registrations
14.00-17.00 Simultaneous sessions Physicians & Technicians
14.00 Overview of osteoporosis - J.J. Body (ULB)
15.00 Bone Measurement Device Operating Principles - Hologic/Tromp Medical
16.00 X-ray Science, Radiation Safety and Quality Assurance - S. Goemaere (UG)
Coffee break
17.00-19.00 Lectures for Physicians 17.00-19.00 Lectures for Technicians
17.00 Use of Bone Densitometry for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis – S. Rozenberg (ULB) 17.00 Principles of DXA Scan Interpretation - M. Dejaeger (KUL)
18.00 Clinical Evaluation of Bone Health – P. Bergmann (ULB) 18.00 Quality Assurance - H. Borghs (KUL)
19.00   End



Saturday, 16 December, 2017
Chairmen: S. Rozenberg (ULB), O. Bruyère (ULg) Chairmen: S. Goemaere (UG), H. Borghs (KU Leuven)
09.00-18.00 Lectures for Physicians 09.00-18.00 Lectures for Technicians
09.00 Fracture Risk Assessment – M. Laurent (KUL) 09.00 Role of the Technologist - H. Borghs (KU Leuven)
10.00 Monitoring Treatment of Osteoporosis – S. Rozenberg (ULB) 10.00 Anatomy, Positioning, Acquisition – Spine - Hologic/Tromp Medical
Coffee break
11.00 Clinical Management Part 1: Non-Pharmacologic, Estrogen & SERM Treatment – O. Bruyère (ULg) 11.00 Anatomy, Positioning, Acquisition – Femur & Forearm – J. Delahaye (UG)
12.00 Clinical Management Part 2 : Pharmacologic Treatment Continued – J.J. Body (ULB) 12.00 Vertebral Fracture Assessment - S. Goemaere (UG)
13.00   Lunch
Chairmen: E. Cavalier (ULg), J.M. Kaufman (UG) Chairmen: M. Laurent (KUL), P. Bergmann (ULB)
14.00 Clinical Management Part 3 : Further Pharmacologic Treatment Considerations – J.M. Kaufman (UG) 14.00 Scan Analysis – B. Lapauw (UG)
15.00 Principles of DXA Scan Interpretation – B. Lapauw (UG) 15.00 Clinical Management of the Osteoporosic Patient - E. Cavalier (ULg)
Coffee break
16.00 Principles of DXA Scan Reporting – P. Bergmann 16.00 Case-based Clinical Application – M. Dejaeger (KUL)
17.00 Cases for Discussion – E. Cavalier (ULg), J.M. Kaufman (UG) 17.00 Clinical Case Review - P. Bergmann (ULB), M. Laurent (KUL)
18.00   End





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