Saturday November 18th, 2017
Fondation Universitaire – Brussels
Organizers: Dr. S. Goemaere (UG), Prof. J.P. Devogelaer (UCL), Prof. P. Bergmann (ULB)

Registrations are limited to 70 participants (based on first come, first served principle).



Part 1

09:00     Overview of methods for  bone density analysis for osteoporosis
           P. Bergmann (ULB), JP Devogelaer (UCL), S. Goemaere (RUG)
09:45     X-ray characteristics with respect of medical imaging and radioprotection
          K. Bacher (UG)
10:30     Coffee break
11:00     Factors affecting medical effects of X-rays. Risk of X-ray exposure in pregnancy
          H. Thierens (UG)
11:45     Dose and risk assessment in radiation protection
          K. Bacher (UG)
12:30     Examination part 1
13:00     Sandwich lunch



Part 2 (+ Refreshment 2H)

14:00      Long term health effects of low dose exposure: cancer risk?
           H. Thierens (UG)
14:45      X-ray in medical diagnostics: radiation burden of patient and practitioner
           K. Bacher (UG)
15:30      Coffee break
16:00      New biological data, new insights, new measures in radioprotection
           H. Thierens (UG)
16:45      Overview of legislative measures related to medical X-ray exposures
           K. Van Slambrouck (FANC)
17:30      Examination part 2



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